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Shopper FAQ's

shopper faq's


What are the steps for becoming a mystery shopper?

First, you must complete an application via our secure online site. After you have completed the application, you will want to ensure that you have checked the appropriate button to receive project notifications from us. You'll receive notification via email. If you meet our shopper profile requirements for that assignment, you will be eligible to apply for that shop. You will receive a project confirmation email and you can proceed once the shop details are in your inbox.

Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an MCG shopper?

No. As with all reputable mystery shop companies, we never charge a fee for becoming a shopper. There is no "membership fee" or cost to be a shopper for us. While most projects require that a shopper make a purchase during the shop (for example paying for a meal or making a small purchase in order to obtain a receipt), these expenses are reimbursed or are sometimes already calculated into the payment you receive upon submitting the completed survey.

How do I know if there are any mystery shops in my area?

You will receive an email outlining open opportunities in your area. You can also log into our site and review the "open opportunities." If you see that nothing is listed in your area, you will want to broaden your geographical filter (the default to the zip code preference). If there are still no immediate assignments, keep checking. MCG is continually growing, and if there are no shops in your area right now, there may be in the near future. MCG also offers mystery shops in other states and you can apply for shops when you are traveling or on vacation. After you apply on our website, a coordinator will contact you if you are qualified, as soon as a shop is available in your area.

After I complete the application, how long will it take to be contacted?

You will be contacted as soon as a shop becomes available for which your demographics and skill set is appropriate. Sometimes this will happen in a few days; it could be several months. Although you may not be contacted right away, be assured that your application has been received and it will be active as long as you’re a participating shopper.

How will I be paid for my shops?

We pay our evaluators only via PayPal, an internet payment service; we do not issue checks. Please note: the e-mail address that you are signed up with on our online system must also be your PayPal email address. Payments will only be sent to the e-mail address in your Shopper Profile online. For more information on PayPal and setting up an account go to and click on either "Request Money" or "Sign Up For Your Personal Account." There is no cost to use this service and your payment is ready for you to claim within one business day after we post it to PayPal.

When will I be paid for my shop?

MCG pays monthly. If you are assigned a shop and it is completed according to the time frame and guidelines, you will be eligible for the reimbursement and fee (your pay) at the end of the following month in which the client accepts the shop. All fees and reimbursable payments are paid via PayPal at the last day of the month. For example, if you execute a shop according to the guidelines in May, your reimbursement and pay is processed at the end of June to your PayPal account. We send payments to Pay Pal approximately 60 days from the last day of the month your shop was completed. Please keep in mind that it takes PayPal up to five business days to process payments once we’ve transferred the funds.

What if I have a pay statement that shows it has been processed?

MCG enables this function so that shoppers may track the projects they have completed with us as well as check the status of their reports. A project will post usually when it has been approved, verified, and accepted by the client. This means that Accounting is working on your payment/reimbursement. Sometimes if there is an issue with a shop, this will be pending or not shown on the pay statement.

What if my online submission is incomplete?

You will be contacted by our verification team. In order to qualify for the full project reimbursement and your fee (your pay), the report must be submitted in a timely manner according to the project guidelines and instructions. The shop will not be approved until all information has been submitted and verified within the specified project timelines.

What happens if I have to cancel a shop?

MCG recommends that auditors reschedule a mystery shop rather than cancel or decline it. A rescheduled project must be performed on the new date agreed upon. Because we are bound by strict parameters and guidelines to have shops performed on certain days, we depend on our shoppers to honor their commitments unless emergency circumstances prohibit them from doing so. We understand that unexpected situations occur and we allow a minimal number of cancellations within a six-month period. Shoppers with excessive cancellations may need to evaluate their ability to continue mystery shopping. MCG reserves the right to terminate shoppers who exceed our limits in these areas.

Do I need to send in my receipts?

Yes. Most of our projects require that the evaluator, assessor, or shopper submit a copy of the receipt(s) for processing. Receipts should be scanned and attached to the report; instructions are found on the form. Each project is unique, though, and you will need to review and understand the instructions for each of your projects.

What internet browser works best?

MCG recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Are the reports and surveys completed on MCG's website?

Yes. All of our surveys are completed online. Mystery shoppers must have reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection in order to perform mystery shops for MCG.

What do I do if I need technical assistance?

MCG highly recommends reviewing our shopper tutorial prior to completing any project. For questions and queries please contact tech support at

If you have questions about the content of the form, contact MCG via email or by phone.