Management Consultant Group

Executive Recruiting



Talent Acquisition

MCG networks to cull proven industry leaders (from general manage to chief operating officer) who will drive your company towards its goals. Our process is about quality not volume of candidates.  Engaged on a contingency basis, our steps involve job description review, position expectation discovery via hiring manager interviews, job profile creation and interview process coordination.  In addition, we offer advice on selection and suitable benefit packages that fit departmental budgets.

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Strategic Hiring Plans

As your business grows or as you strive to maintain your organization's competitiveness, MCG will develop career path models, secession planning, labor proformas, staffing needs with ROI, and development.




Organizational Development

Developing organizational structure, job descriptions, training and innovative employee development programs to improve morale, lower turnover rates, and improve consistent customer service. Provide detailed job list and descriptions for each position, along with inter-company performance evaluations for management and staff.



Target Search

The best and top industry talent is most often already moving your competition forward.  MCG will engage in limited retained search that focuses on traditionally passive candidates – in a confidential manner, we will work to establish a strategic target, develop a relationship, establish connectivity, and engage in negotiation.



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